Any competitive FPL manager will know how much of a difference a couple of effective differential players can make, and with the start of the new 2019/20 Premier League season just around the corner we see three new squads enter the fray.

If you didn’t follow the Championship closely last year then this round up of the FPL new boys could be just what you were looking for to bring you up to speed.

At the bottom of this page is a full sortable list of all the key players with full stats for last season’s Championship for your perusal – but to make things easy here is a really quick run-down of some of the key highlights. (Click here to go straight to the data)

Top Scorers

29 goals, Pukki – Norwich

This is a player that’s most likely on everybody’s radar already, the Finnish (not finished) striker knocked up an impressive 29 goals last season in the notoriously difficult championship. Obviously, the Premier League is on a different level, but surely those numbers have to turn some heads! 29 goals is an impressive tally in any league, and if he can rack up even half of those numbers this time around at just 6.5m he could prove to be a valuable asset for most teams.

Pukki notched up double figures in his last two seasons for Brondy before moving to Norwich –  netting 20 and 17 goals respectively – proving that he is a proven finisher and certainly worth being in the mix when it comes to planning your attacking line.

23 goals, Sharp – Sheffield United

Another player who knocked-up in an impressive 23 goal tally last season is the legend that is Billy Sharp. Finally getting his chance in the big time after all these years in the lower leagues and rightly so.

A prolific striker ( typically, apart from when he played for my beloved Leeds 🙁 ), this is a character I cannot wait to see in the Premier League. He is Sheffield United’s main hit-man and at just 6m, for a guaranteed starter (at time of writing) I am surprised at his low FPL ownership of just 2% (at time of writing)

15 goals, McGoldrick – Sheffield United

If you didn’t follow the Championship last season this could be a little golden nugget that is going unnoticed, playing more minutes than the more ‘popular’ forementioned Billy Sharp.

Granted McGoldrick scored 8 goals less than Sharp, but 15 goals is still not too shabby in my opinion!

Let’s not overlook the fact he had more shots on target than Billy Sharp – in fact he had 2nd highest shots on target from all the newly promoted players with 45 accurate shots on target, 2nd only behind Pukki who had 57 accurate shots on goal.

McGoldrick is valued at just £5.5m – and with only 0.6% FPL ownership (at time of writing) he must be a contender for that ‘backup/sub’ striker player in your team.


11 Assist, Hourihane – Aston Villa

With a joint top assists (11) from last years promoted teams from the championship is Aston Villa’s key midfielder Conor Hourihane.

With the 28-year-old recently having signed a new contract with the Villains, and at just 0.5% ownership (at time of writing) – this player has to be on your ‘budget midfielder’ radar? I am guessing that the low ownership is down to his £6m price tag, with most people opting for the higher profile Grealish who’s valued at the same price tag.

However, the stats done lie, and with 2 more goals that Grealish and four more assists – maybe choosing Hourihane over Grealish could be a nice differential that is worth consideration.

11 Assist, Buendia – Norwich

With the same 11 assists as Hourihane, and the same goal tally of 8 there really isn’t much to choose between these two £6m rated midfielders.

Buendia does have a 0.5% higher FPL ownership rate than fellow top assister (from the new teams) Hourihane, and I am guessing that is because Buendia plays in a slightly more advanced role than Hourihane, usually as an attacking winger. Certainly, another key player from the FPL newbies worth taking a look at.

10 Assist, Fleck – Sheffield United

Flying way under the radar with just 0.4% ownership is John Fleck from Sheffield United. A whole 1m cheaper than Buendia and Hourihane and knocking up the 3rd highest minutes played (3975) last season – the ever-present Fleck has got to be worth consideration when it comes to padding out those ‘bench/backup’ spots in your team.

Having cheap midfielder who racked up 3rd highest assists is certainly noteworthy – granted he only netted 2 goals compared to the 8 goals scored by Buendia and Hourihane – but he is a whole1m cheaper, freeing up funds for those all important big/premium players in your squad.

It’s worth taking note that Fleck was joint 3rd in assists last year, alongside McGinn of Aston Villa and Pukki of Norwich. But decided to focus on Fleck because of his low cost and rock bottom FPL ownership.

McGinn is pretty well known about after his strong season at Villa and play-off performance, sparking apparent interested from Manchester United, and is another strong candidate from the new boys – just 0.5m more expensive than Fleck coming in at £5.5m, same number of assists but with an impressive 7 goals.

Checkout the stats yourself….

So there is my quick run down of the top goals scorers and assist using last year’s Championship stats for newly promoted teams.

Below are the stats, sortable and searchable, have a look and make your own mind up – does anything jump out for you? Any of the players mentioned above or listed below on your radar?


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